The GIB Africa Alliance is a network of insurance brokers that spreads across the African continent. GIB are currently hosting their annual GIB Africa Alliance conference in Johannesburg (13-14 September 2017) with their partners from the African continent. Part of the conference includes the launch of the GIB Africa Alliance website which CN&CO helped GIB put together.

What is the GIB Africa Alliance?

The GIB Africa Alliance was founded in 2013 as a formal network of like-minded, leading independent retail insurance brokers dotted across the African continent. Their members support the placement of insurance business into and from the African continent, providing on-the-ground service and peace of mind, no matter where in the world your business is located.

Placing and servicing risks in foreign countries can be a legislative and bureaucratic nightmare. The website helps clients find and share details to brokers (members) part of the GIB Africa Alliance in various African counties. This aims to provide clients with a trusted, in-country insurance partner to stand by them every step of the way.

Tracy McLaughlin (Director: Technical services at GIB) says, “we are thrilled to launch the GIB Africa Alliance website to our partners at the conference.”

A snap shot of the site’s ‘Find a broker’ functionality

We wishing the GIB team and their partners a brilliant 2017 conference!