Being on holiday, it’s unlikely that one thinks of sport, after all holidays are for relaxing. However, recent trends show that sports and vacations are becoming quite the combination. In a recent article in SLOW magazine CN&CO’s Gianluca Tucci had this to say about his love for golf and travel, “My handicap is not necessarily something to write home about. However, golf affords me not merely the opportunity to enjoy time out with my friends, and to make business contacts, it supports my love of travel. Whether it’s taking a trip with my golf buddies to the Garden Route, where we are spoilt with beautiful courses, or packing my clubs and hitting the skies to explore fairways on other continents. There are literally thousands of golf courses I can enjoy.

Pioneers of the all inclusive holidays, Club Med is a trailblazer in this kind of vacationing. Depending on whether one is up for an adventurous snow holiday in the Alps or a sunny golf resort in Asia, Club Med has a plethora of options to satisfy all clients needs. Of course, we also have some outstanding courses just here at home. Despite having played courses in Portugal, Senegal, Switzerland and Indonesia,  Olivier Hannaert, Club Med Southern Africa MD, raves about our very own courses. “One reason for moving to South Africa was golf. I love playing golf in South Africa as there are many options” he says. “While travelling, I always look for courses that offer something more than what I can find back home- South Africa provides that tenfold over.

Brush up on your golf history by reading the full article in the October issue of SLOW magazine.