As an equity investor, you have two options: passive investing (Exchange Traded Funds [ETF]) or active investing (stock-picking). In the June edition of the FAnews Magazine, our partner EasyEquities shared insights into investing in ETFs, you can read it here.

Our friends from InvestSure, a world-first one-click insurance product that initially launched exclusively with EasyEquities, also shared their insights around ETF investing in a featured article in the magazine.

In the article, Shane Curran the MD of Investsure Technologies, unpacks the investment options available to investors and also touches on the topic of hedging. Curran shares how “everyday investors tend to hedge their portfolios through simpler mechanisms. Through diversification, ETFs offer a natural hedge.”

Read the full article below and start your investment journey with EasyEquities here.

You can access the full June edition of the FAnews magazine here.