An unknown author once wrote, “the best part about airports lies in what they symbolise. Airports are places of bookends: new beginnings and long-awaited endings, arrivals and departures, hellos and goodbyes. We start in on city to end in another hundreds or thousand miles away. You enter from a deserts and exit into a blizzard. In from winter, out into summer. In from familiarity, out into something completely foreign. In from familiarity, out into something completely foreign. Or visa versa. An airport is a place of transit, and not just geographically. I wish there was some sort of time-lapse to show how people change between departures and arrivals. When I arrive back home from being away, I’m never the same person as when I left.”

Travel is so much more than simply seeing the world. Travel is about filling your life with adventures and stories. Life is short and the world is wide. There are very few things that excite a sense of childlike wonder quite like being in a new country. The ignorance of the unknown can be so unsettling yet so liberating.  Travel feeds our curiosity and sparks our interest in things that we may take for granted, or alternatively not notice at all. It is ultimately a platform of learning: about culture and history, about societies and people and about yourself. There is no time to be bored in a world that is as vastly rich as ours.

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