Fulcrum Suzanne Shaw Creative Award Winner 2017, Layla Leiman has been hard at work after scooping the coveted award.

Now she is about to take on an exciting curatorship project with Bag Factory Arts and The Candice Berman Gallery. She won an opportunity to put together an exhibition at Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery on 8 – 12 June, alongside her chosen selection of artists.

Layla’s exhibition will be on the idea of work and play. “I intend to explore instances where the two notions (of work and play) “merge”, using different production techniques and creative approaches and traditional and/or unconventional materials,” say Layla.

To hear more about this, tune in to Kaya FM (frequency 95.9) on 1 June, on the “Kaya FM Bizz” business slot at 17H20 where Layla Leiman shares more about WORK/PLAY.