As we continue to work, live, learn and experience. I couldn’t help but want to share some ‘things’ that have or add value to my life and moments late.

The beauty about life is that it constantly evolves. Whether it’s through innovations, new technology, people, or stories (from people who have experienced), I think it’s highly important we always share what we have learned and done.

That said, with the year 2022 firmly on the go, here is my first issue of Five things to try…

  1. Asana ✅
  2. Visit Mozambique 🌊
  3. Read The Archer 📖
  4. Go through your camera roll 📸
  5. Try a Sparky’s burger 🍔

ASANA (Project management app)

Asana Project Management App

A nifty project management app recommended by a client and friend of mine, Andrea from Arcis (residential property development business in Ballito).

I now use it for a lot of my work and life tasks.

Why I love it?

Easy to use, superb interface (that works and syncs across devices), the collaboration and communication with teams is excellent, and it’s always evolving.

In fact, I even used it with my wife to plan our wedding! We loved it and it really helped us stay on track to the big day.

Visit Mozambique (a traveller’s paradise)

Having recently tied the knot in February 2022, we decided to spend our honeymoon in Benguerra Island, Mozambique.

Why we loved it?

It was my first time in Mozambique. The scenery was breathtaking (waters filled with blue colors and white sands, coupled with a truly perfect African sunset each night).

The resort (Azura) was spectacular and most importantly made so because of its superb team and hospitality. On top of that, it reinforced the importance of travel and meeting people from around the world.

We were fortunate to meet a couple from Texas who got married on the same day as us, and a wonderful retired couple from South Africa who mesmerized us with their stories about travel and business. One, in particular, that defined the importance of showing “enthusiasm” in whatever you do!

Read (Paulo Coelho’s The Archer)

We all know the importance of reading and learning. When traveling, especially during moments spent unwinding, I love a good Paulo Coelho book.

This time around it was The Archer, a beautifully illustrated book with an inspiring take on life, our passions, and the journeys we take.

Why I enjoyed it?

Paulo uses archery to illustrate the application of life.

The bow (life), the arrow (intention), and the target (objective). He does it in a way that truly inspires wisdom and practical lessons.

Upon finishing, it gave me a renewed energy to apply to everything I do and want to do.

Scroll through your phone’s camera roll (re-live your memories!)

There’s no denying our smartphones have become our third hand. We don’t go anywhere without them.

I was shocked when I opened my iPhone Photos app to realize I have over 28 000 stored on my iCloud. Over 28 000 images or videos hold a plethora of memories and moments that I have experienced.

Why I recommend it?

Spend time scrolling through your images/videos over the last six months. You’ll get a sense of fulfillment (or thought) on the moments captured.

And the best part about a picture is its ability to recollect feelings or emotions from a moment and allow you to sit back and embrace them. Helping to inspire new ones, lessons, or even a conversation.

Apple’s iOS also makes this very easy with the way you can search for images/videos by year, month, place, or even a person’s face 😄

Hungry? Try Sparky’s! (best burgers in Joburg)

It’s midday in the middle of the week. You are hungry, and you are craving something irresistible or flavorsome.

Well, if you live in Joburg, look no further than Sparky’s.

Why I love it?

I take my burgers seriously. A cheeseburger and fries are my ultimate fast food go-to.

The team at Sparky’s has nailed their recipe (and service), the meat is cooked in a way that reminds me of a Five Guys Burger in NYC (if not better!). The fries are mouth-watering, and the garlic mayonnaise is revolutionary!

On top of it, they now offer a dollar slice pizza! Magic!

You will find Sparky’s on Corlett Drive around the corner from Melrose Arch.

Disclaimer: A lot of value, happiness, and lessons were derived from these things to try, I highly recommend trying them! ✅ 😄 ❤️