If you haven’t read the Broken Window Theory, make sure you do. The theory suggests that a broken window left unrepaired will make a building look uncared for and thus attract criminal activity.

Using the same principle, it would follow that by cleaning our city, we take back ownership and build a community that’s proud which in turn lessens criminal activity.

On Sunday 17 September Joburgers are joining hands in a city clean up meeting at Newtown Park, 500m from Mary Fitzgerard Square. Everyone is invited, any age, colour, sex, this is an amazing opportunity to meet like minded people, explore our city and make a difference.

We will be donating desks made from recycled plastic to a local school CityKidz thanks to our amazing partners PETCO and EXTRUPET.

Our goal is to show South Africans that there are alternative solutions to littering; we can recycle, upcycle and reuse just like we upcycling plastic waste into school desks supporting education.

IMPI-Secure, a professional events security company has come to the rescue and will be putting security on  the streets to look after all our super hero volunteers.

Join the Joburg City Cleanup and help make Joburg a cleaner and safer community.

Date: Sunday 17 September 2017

Time: join any time between 10am and 2pm

Venue: Newtown Park, across the road from Mary Fitzgerald Square.

Bags and gloves will be provided.

Click here to join.