We can’t wait, the excitement is contagious and the world is gearing up for the season finale of America’s Got Talent.

Our friends from the Ndlovu Youth Choir have arrived at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. They left this message on their social media, “We’ve just arrived at the Dolby Theatre for tonight’s finale of America’s Got Talent. We carry the outpouring of support and goodwill in our hearts! Thank you for all the love and kindness, we feel it.”

Since it was announced that they made it through to the Final a few weeks ago following their performance of Higher Love, social media has been abuzz with message of support and well wishes for tonight’s showcase.

You can check out their Twitter and Facebook pages to see a few of the messages that have been shared with the choir.

America’s Got Talent is the worlds biggest talent showcase and we are extremely proud of everything the choir have achieved on their journey so far. It really is just getting started! Thank you to the Ndlovu Youth Choir for uniting South African’s and sharing your infectious energy, good luck for tonight’s performance.