I left school wanting to be a teacher, lawyer or a priest. And we all know how those ended …. And if you don’t – I think teaching is the best profession. Alongside journalists, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. The last one I added because it’s what I am.

Via a range of interesting diversions I ended up starting CN&CO in early 2014. From the beginning we have worked closely (in fact I spend most of time there!) with EasyEquities.

EasyEquities is a very easy (clever that hey?!) and inexpensive (cheapest around) way to invest on the stock exchange (both locally via Africa’s oldest stock exchange – the JSE – and USA shares).

When I started working with Easy, I said that it would either make many millions of South Africans very rich, or go bankrupt 🙂 Five years on, I know it’s the former.

As a kid I loved the concept of money. And gold. And shares. I didn’t really understand much. But I was attracted to that world. I tried reading the Financial Mail my dad subscribed to (understood zero!) I impersonated my dad (same names …) age 12 and nearly managed to buy some gold bullion with money I didn’t have. Nearly.

And then I finished school, went to varsity and all I ever invested in were unit trusts – because I understood little else, I had very little (and irregular) cash. It served me well to put away money – little bits that became bigger surprises years later.

So, like many (most) people, I never accessed the stock market. And whilst many people want money fast, and lots of it and whilst the stock exchange goes through ups and downs (currently an extended down period) investing in shares is still, in my opinion, the best way to grow your money.

With EasyEquities everyone can do that – big, rich punters and small, R5 at a time folk. And with excellent growth (well done team Easy and the amazing brand team, innovations by Charles Savage, partnerships by Almero Oosthuizen, financial leadership by Gary van Dyk and much more by the legend, small, passionate, crazy, brilliant team) taking clients to over 100 000 in a few years, we have a long way to go.

Most people I know are now on EasyEquities but we need EVERYONE in SA to join. Take part in the investment revolution. Have fun. Be patient. Grow wealth. Ask questions. Challenge. Learn.

You won’t become wealthy overnight. But you will have fun. And you will, if history and common sense are anything to go by, grow your money.

Register for an EasyEquities account today.

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