CN&CO is a firm supporter of entrepreneurs in our country. We are constantly expanding our relationships with individuals and businesses who are smart and, regardless of size, make a big difference in the world.

One such enterprise is Sharpeville Breweries, who we met through Carel’s affiliation with St Stithians.

“One of the parents at St Stithians, Motseki Majake, is a shareholder at Sharpeville Breweries, as well as being a member of the financial services industry,” says Carel. “We immediately bonded over beer and insurance and have had a solid relationship ever since.”

What’s great about knowing so many entrepreneurs is the networking opportunities that arise.

“For example,” says Carel, “we recently hosted Motseki at an EasyProperties function, where relationships were forged and potential deals were discussed.”

The brewery recently put out a share offering to raise capital to fund its expansion plans. The offering memorandum reads:

Sharpeville Breweries is inviting individuals and entities to subscribe for up to 1 000 000 ordinary shares in Sharpeville Breweries at a subscription price of R10 per share.

The minimum subscription required for participation by an applicant in the offer is 20 000 shares, which amounts to a minimum subscription price of R200 000 per applicant.

The offer seeks to raise in aggregate a total equity amount of R10 million.

If the total equity raised through the offer is less than R250 000, the offer will not be implemented. If the total equity raised in the offer is equal to or greater than R250 000, the offer will be implemented.

The total number of successful applicants who will be entitled to subscribe for shares in Sharpeville Breweries and become shareholders, will be limited to 47.

The funds raised through the offer will be used by Sharpeville Breweries to, among other things, manufacture and brew additional beer and related products and ultimately grow the distribution spread of Sharpeville Breweries’ products.

The offer is currently open, and closes at 16:00 on Friday, 6 November 2020.

Email if you would like to find out more about the offer.

Oh, and they also make great beer! Contact CN&CO’s Rikus Kok if you’d like to hook yourself up with a case or two.