One of CN&CO’s founding clients is Evalex Talent Solutions, a company that provides a truly astounding and comprehensive range of professional assessment and development tools for every level of employment in any industry. The company has 40 years’ experience in local and international environments, with clients ranging from retail to consulting to financial services – and everything in-between.

Here’s a blog about digital feedback on assessments that appeared recently on the Evalex website:

Discover how an innovative virtual development platform can help employment candidates access and interact with their leadership and psychometric assessment results.

Most people love finding out interesting things about themselves and how they operate, what their strength and development areas are, and how they interact with other people and their environment. Alright, maybe most people do not love finding out what their development areas are, but it does allow for growth once we accept that we do have areas where we need to grow. It can be fun to find out what your favourite colour says about you or to take a quiz to find out what animal you are. Finding out what your love language is could help you improve your relationships with friends, family and colleagues (we actually highly recommend it). On a more serious note, personal assessments can help with your professional development and lead to better career choices and opportunities.

What if there was an efficient leadership and psychometricassessment process that provided an immediate developmental response to the employee and the employer? Evalex has a solution just like that! It is a revolutionary digital development feedback process that gives candidates online access to the results of their own leadership and psychometric assessments, providing instant feedback for both employers and employees. This portal gives candidates access to their assessment results, allowing them to go through the details in their own time.

“The portal is highly interactive, personalised and informative, allowing the candidate to take his or her time and really assimilate all the information,” says Evalex CEO Dr Pieter Bronkhorst.

As an example, a candidate who is being considered for a sales manager role at a middle management level in a financial services company will complete the one-day Evalex Leadership Assessment and then receive a link to their results. The candidate can then use the personalised dashboard and view their results in an interactive manner. Each attribute of the assessment is benchmarked against the scores of the other candidates who have completed the assessment and ranked according to different job levels.

The portal allows candidates to explore their capabilities against current or aspirational benchmarks. Let us say that the candidate being assessed for the Sales Manager position has a creativity score that is better than 85% of other candidates at a middle management level, the candidate would then identify creativity as an area of strength for this particular role. In the same way, where the candidate scores better than only 30% of other candidates at a middle management level on conflict resolution, then the candidate can either decide that conflict resolution is not a key component of the job being applied for, or mark it as a development area.

“The portal explains each attribute, gives a synopsis of the individual’s performance against the attribute qualities, and then suggests a development process to help the candidate get to the next level,” says Pieter.

It is also possible to analyse results against a team leader or even an executive position rather than a middle management position. In this case the portal would reconfigure and rank the candidate against other team leaders or executives who have undergone the same assessment.

If a candidate wants to be a CEO, the portal will make recommendations on which skills the candidate should focus on, for example business acumen, decision effectiveness and investigation/exploration, in order to develop to the required level.

The portal also provides feedback on personality matching and ideal job types. The candidate can also go a step further and obtain information on their fit to a variety of business strategies based on a combination of traits, personality orientation, values, styles and interests.

“What makes this feedback portal unique is that it allows an individual to explore their career development, prospects and training needs themselves, in their own time,” says Pieter. “It’s also highly interactive, allowing individuals to reconfigure the scenario to see how well suited they might be for other jobs at different levels. They can also explore ideal job types and strategies within their own organisation that they can get involved in. In a static Word or PDF report you cannot do that.”

Electronic feedback can also be useful when communicating with unsuccessful candidates.

“We often feel that unsuccessful candidates are not given enough input,” says Pieter. “This type of feedback allows for detailed feedback without the commitment of too much time.”

Digital feedback will not replace face-to-face feedback, which is still an important part of the development process.

“There is still a need for a qualified person to answer any questions that a candidate or an employer might have,” says Pieter. “However, the electronic feedback mechanism allows us to focus on the big picture in the feedback sessions rather than the detail.”

Given the current Covid-19 situation, feedback to participants and employers can seamlessly be delivered through online communication platform such as Microsoft Teams, Bluejeans, Skype and Zoom.

Evalex offers the option of digital feedback on the Evalex Psychometrics and Evalex Leadership assessments.

To find out how you and your company can benefit from this revolutionary digital feedback process contact or 011 803 8703.

This blog originally appeared on the Evalex website entitled: Virtually enhancing the participant development experience

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