The CN&CO team is always out and about, getting on with our #lifestylebusiness and making things happen all over the country.

The benefit of knowing where and what your teammates are up to goes without question and is a crucial part of how we look at adding value, not just to each other as a team but to our clients, partners and friends too.

Being a #lifestylebusiness, we are rarely all in the same place at one time. Today was no different.

We sent out a request for a WhatsApp pin drop from everyone one the team at noon today, 8 February  2018, to see who was where and what the team were up to. As usual answers were as diverse and interesting as the last time we tried this exercise.

Emi, Gianluca and Neo were at CN&CO headquarters

  • Emi was working on a couple of blogs for clients and preparing to assist the FIA at the IEB Gauteng Regional Conference on Saturday’s
  • Gianluca has been in meetings and is clapping on with Europ Assistance and FIA work rocking his Plantronics #BackBEATPro’s
  • Neo has locked herself away in the writing room (or think tank if you’d like) and has been tweeting away for the FIA and other insurance bodies

Carel was at Yaya Cafe in Stellenbosch preparing for a Satrix presentation and then moved onto Decameron to chat insurance opportunities with the wonderful Christelle Colman.

Rob was at home working on client communications and strategies.

Allan and Colin were at our partners Fulcrum with the always fabulous Clodagh Da Paixao for the Discovery Wellness Day. How awesome is it to see Clodagh rocking apparel from our other partner Dead Reckoning.

Josie was delivering chicken salad to her husband, Simon, because a home cooked meal delivered from a wife is certainly better than any hefty fee you’re going to have to pay for takeouts – can we get a delivery at the office on your next trip up to Jourg, too?

Lorraine was at yet another of our amazing partners, Europ Assistance South Africa, where she was adding her special magic working on branding and digital opportunities, and having lunch.

Kurt left the office to grab a quick bite and is working from a Lebanese restaurant called Pizza Mezza which is owned by Emi‘s friend’s parents. On his ‘to do list’ is smashing campaigns and strategy around making the FICA process easier (what a win).

Blake was at the RMB Buffalo Regatta in East London helping set up RMB branding and assisting with social media and interviews.

Rikus is at Cape Town international airport and will be watching Nathaniel perform and the Oude Libertas Theatre in Stellenbosch later this evening.

As usual our amazing admin goddess Penny was DOMINATING bridge as she does every second Thursday of the month.

Another power day of work, magic-making and possibilities all made possible by the people we work with and the places and spaces we occupy. In all that we do, it is the strength of the unit and how it functions together that leads to the greatest success and that’s part of the reason why we love doing amazing things with a bunch of incredibly diverse people.

“The bigger the dream, the more important the team.”