Mlungisi Mazibuko, or Mlu as he prefers to be known, is a grade 11 pupil at Glenwood High School in Durban and an avid mountain biker. Mlu received a new bike earlier this year co-sponsored by Lombard Partnerships and Sponsorshop, two of CN&CO’s partners and friends.

Participating in sport is a common thread in Lombard Partnerships with two of the guys there completing the Comrades Marathon this year. So, there was no hesitation when deciding if they should back a young star from Durban.

“Providing me with a new bike, and one as good as the one I received, really has benefited my cycling this year. Even with my accident, I have been able to come back and perform as if I hadn’t been out of action for too long. Well, almost,” says Mlu.

Partnering with Mlu for possibilities

“I was riding the Wartburg MTB Classic when, during a technical section, I came off my bike. I was in pain but I didn’t think too much of it. I got back on my bike and continued to finish the race and placed 7th in my age group. But I was in lots of pain,” shares Mlu.

“It was only after two weeks, when the pain hadn’t subsided, that I decided to get it checked out. The physio at the Gateway Hospital confirmed that I had torn my hamstring and that I was not allowed to do any exercise for 8 weeks,” he says.

“I really struggled with not being able to do anything but, it did allow me to heal. When I rode in my first training ride I was surprised by the strength I had, and I was able to achieve a few personal bests. Man, that felt good,” he says.

Mlu enjoys a ride on his new bicycle while wearing his new cycling gear

Since coming back from injury, Mlu has participated in a few races and routinely places in his age-group. He took first place in the latest series of the MTB Eliminators and also in the Track Stadium in July.

“With school it can be a little tricky to find time for training, but I love the sport too much not to go for a ride. That may mean I go for a ride before school or even afterwards and then I do my homework. And with the bike I got from Lombard Partnerships and Sponsorshop, getting some good mileage under my belt is easy. I’d like to thank them both for allowing me the opportunity to continue with my riding,” says Mlu.

If you’re an avid mountain biker in Durban, keep an eye out for young Mlu in his Lombard Partnerships and Sponsorshop kit.