Barry “The Beef” Dumas is a market analyst at Purple Group, the holding company of EasyEquities (among other brands). He has more than 10 years’ of investment experience! One of the most powerful investment tools available to investors is research, and Barry has taken the lead in this area at EasyEquities.

The research team recently launched the EasyEquities Research Portal, which houses all of EasyEquities’ educational content and investment analysis on local JSE and US equities.

“Investment research is one of the most powerful tools an investment firm has to offer as an aid to educate its client base,” says Barry. “Since the introduction of the EasyEquities Research Portal, which puts the EasyEquities creative spin on investing, readership and interest have more than doubled! So, if you are confused about where to start with your investment journey, a good place would be right here.”

Some of the top performing US equities on the blog are Ferrari (RACE), Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT) and Barry’s first research note for EasyEquities on Starbucks (SBUX).

“I had a portfolio buy above $52.75 per share in August 2018 and the stock is currently trading over 40% higher at $76.06!” he says. “Not to forget the local offering on the EasyEquities research blog, which has seen a lot of JSE listed companies in the spotlight of late. From star to scandal, the recent EOH Holdings Limited (EOH) research note touches base with the company after its latest trading statement. Capitec (CPI) has attracted a lot of attention as traditional banking has become more topical with new entrants to the market like TymeBank and Discovery Bank, to name a few.

Art form

Picking winning stocks is an art form on its own and impossible to get 100% right all the time. Barry ascribes his success to his creative nature and experience.

“Being a creative by heart has allowed me to look at situations differently and to analyse companies from an alternative perspective. Yes, I look at a company’s fundamentals on the portal, but I focus mainly on behavioural finance, which includes technical analysis.”

Barry’s career in finance started at Liberty, where he quickly worked his way up the wealth management ranks, notching up a number of finance and insurance qualifications along the way. And his studies haven’t stopped…

“My interest in the psychology that drives markets led me to enrol as a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) to further educate myself,” he says.

Learning curve

“For the new entrants to the market I can only say that investing is a never-ending learning curve for us all. Especially when you start this journey you will need all the help you can get until you find what works for you. Always remember there is no secret formula to making a profit but time invested in the market.

“Naturally the EasyEquities research portal should be your first stop.”

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