Capitec banking clients can now access their EasyEquities portfolios directly via the Capitec app. The partnership provides Capitec customers with greater and more affordable access to financial services, making it possible to bank and invest all at once!

“We have been talking to Capitec for several months and are proud to be able to present the resultant partnership to the entire Capitec client base,” says EasyEquities’ chief marketing officer, (our very own) Carel Nolte. “EasyEquities has always been about making the stock market accessible to all South Africans. We currently have more than 500 000 registered users. The Capitec link literally puts EasyEquities into the hands of another four million South Africans.

“This is true financial emancipation on a grand scale.”

Carly Barnes, CN&CO deputy chair and Capitec relationship manager at EasyEquities, says, “Capitec is an innovation heavyweight and a proudly South African bank. Like us, they’ve been striving to provide their customers with greater and more affordable access to financial services. Partnering with them to open the world of investing up to even more South Africans is pretty awesome.”

Carly explains that users can invest, place buy or sell instructions and easily do inter-account transfers from their ZAR into their TFSA or USD accounts.

“All you need to do is download the EasyEquities widget in your Capitec app from the App Store or Play Store,” she says. “You’ll then go through the process of either linking your existing EasyEquities account or creating a new one.”

(More on that here if you need it.)

Funding your EasyEquities account directly from the app is done with a few taps.

“No manual loading or selecting beneficiaries – it’s all right there,” says Carly. “And your EasyEquities account number is programmed into the payment process, so the days of accidentally using the wrong beneficiary reference, causing delays with your deposits, are officially over.

“Waiting for the funds to appear in your account can still take up to 48 hours – but we’re way ahead of you. The ability to make instant investments directly from your bank account is on its way and high up on the phase two priority list.”

Wanna know more?

Check out the Capitec Widget FAQs section in the EasyEquities help centre. You can also join the instructional webinar on 23 October at 10am. Oh, and if you have any specific questions you’d like answered at the webinar, log them here – or share them live on the day.