Investing in a partnership with extreme fighting, EasyEquities, a CN&CO client, steps into the hexagon with the Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC).

Cairo Howarth, the president of EFC, first heard about EasyEquities through the #Thrivewith5 campaign that ran on 5FM during September and October with our friend Rob Forbes. Following this initial engagement and introduction, thanks to the power of radio. Carel met with Cairo to discuss a potential partnership between the two brands and learn more about the world of EFC.

“Cairo and the team at EFC are the perfect example of taking what you do seriously and not yourself”, says Carel, “Work hard, passionate, professional and focused on win-win partnerships”.

So what is EFC?

Founded in 2009, EFC is one of the most recognised Mixed Marshall Arts (MMA) brands in the world. Each year it features 10 live events that are broadcast in over 110 different countries. In 2017, EFC struck a deal with the SABC to provide dedicated TV time and live broadcasts for EFC events. In 2018, EFC’s South African audience was reported to be 17 times bigger than that of Super Rugby’s… that puts the reach that the EFC brand has into perspective.

Over the weekend, our Kurt Solomon attended EFC 75 with a few of the EasyEquities team. He had this to say about the partnership and the evening, “EFC75 did not disappoint, a jam-packed arena with and exciting line-up, especially Zulu vs Joshua for the title fight. It was also great to see the partnership with EasyEquities being bought to life and to see these two brands reaching millions of people all over the world”.

EFC 75 overall was a phenomenal event, but one of the knock Outs (KOs) will be remembered for some time to come. The KO from the fight between Mzwandile Hlongwa and Torbjørn Madsen has gone viral, with already over 5 million views of the KO on just two Instagram account, the World Star and Sports Center. In case you haven’t seen the KO you can watch it here.

The fighter who was knocked out, Torbjørn Madsen, has received a full medical check-up and the experts have given him the all clear. Read his full Facebook post below.

Thanks to everyone asking about my health! I'm very disappointed, but physically ok. I've been thoroughly…

Posted by Torbjørn Madsen – MMA-fighter on Sunday, 4 November 2018

The partnership between EFC World Wide and EasyEquities is an exciting one. EasyEquities first featured in the EFC arena in 2015 when they sponsored Brendan Groenewald in a heavy weight fight.

The next EFC fight night is on the 8thof December 2018. EFC 76 promises to be action packed, make sure that you book your tickets here. Follow EFC World Wide and EasyEquities on social media for the full build up. Stay tuned for more details about this partnership and if you are avid EFC fan get in touch with the EasyEquities team, there are a couple of cool prizes up for grabs.

As you may know the CN&CO team are passionate about tattoos and we feature these stories in our regular InkLink blogs. There are a number of EFC fighters with great tattoos and we can’t wait to feature some of them in our InkLink series very soon.

If you are keen to join a couple of our team and the EasyEquities crew at EFC 76 in December, let Carel know and witness the superb show from these elite athletes for yourself.