Mark Barnes Durban 2

Mark Barnes, Purple Group chairman and new Post Office CEO

Durbanites welcomed a visit from Purple Group chairman Mark Barnes on the evening of 25 November 2015. His new position as CEO of the Post Office was fresh on everyone’s lips, too. People were eager to hear his thoughts and aspirations in this new role.

Greg Strachan, Purple Group’s area manager, welcomed clients and other guests, excited at the prospect that the future holds! He also thanked Mark for coming to Durban.

“Nobody ever comes here,” he joked.

But seriously, folks, Purple Group has had a phenomenal year. Some of the highlights have included:

  • Stock Broker of the year for 2015 (Financial Mail Investors Monthly)
  • Most Innovative product award for EasyEquities (Accenture)
  • Best tax-free savings account for EasyEquities (Financial Mail Investors Monthly)
  • Emperor Asset Management’s pure equity unit trust was named one of SA’s top 10 performing funds – remarkably, this is Emperor’s first year in this market, which has over 1 000 participants

… not to mention record-breaking annual financial results.

Purple Group clients, members of Durban’s Entrepreneurs Organisation and friends of CN&CO gathered on the beautiful veranda of the 150-year-old Lambert House in Morningside to hear Mark’s sage views on government-private sector relations, SA’s financial outlook and the benefits of investing in the JSE through EasyEquities.

“There have to be strong relationships between the state, business and labour in order to create a better South Africa,” he said. “These relationship will most likely come about soon, as a result of necessity rather than choice.”

Mark recalled his first engagement with government regarding his interest to assist with the Post Office.

“I told them ‘I am here to serve’,” he said, “and this is the attitude that needs to be embraced by business when dealing with government.”

Mark’s talk also touched on Purple Group’s EasyEquities investment platform, which he urged guests to use, and to get their children investing as well.

“This won’t only make them financially independent, it will also make them smart!” he said.

The evening ended with wine, informal conversation and many Uber rides home.