In the latest FA News magazine, Bryan Verpoort from Hollard Drone Insurance (soon to become, ITOO Special Risks), a CN&CO client discusses the need to educate the general public about the laws associated to drone usage for both  business and commercial purposes.

“With the ever-increasing use of drones for businesses and commercial purposes, the need to educate drone users and the general public around drone law has become critical and brokers are an automatic channel” says, Bryan.

In the article, Bryan explains that strict regulations for drone usage have been put into place to ensure the safety, security and privacy of South African citizens isn’t compromised. It is essential that the flying of drones is closely monitored and regulated, particularly with regards to the flying of commercial drones. Without regulations and accredited licensing, the potential for accidents is high and insurers simply cannot overlook the risk. CAA regulations governing recreational drone usage differ from those that apply to commercial drones. Drones used for recreation and sport fall under a different set of regulations to those applied to the use of commercial drones. The law states that recreational drones cannot be used for commercial purposes. Insurance cannot apply if an incident involving the misuse of a drone occurs, specifically involving a private drone used for business purposes. It is essential that brokers ensure that their clients are protected under the law when putting drone insurance in place.

Below is the insert from the October 2016 FA News magazine (page 70).