EasyEquities is an online platform that makes it easy to buy shares with the most affordable options on the market. You’re able to invest from as little as R5 in some of the brands you love and support.

Easy Equities has joined the evolution of BLACK FRIDAY and has some good deals to offer on Friday, 25 November and Monday, 28 November. Don’t miss out on the fun of investing.

Want in?

Anyone who registers and gets FICA’d on either day gets R100 from EasyEquities! How’s that for a hello?

Anyone who is already registered but hasn’t yet FICA’d gets R100 if they FICA on either day.  Let’s smash that FICA!

Anyone registered and FICA’d already will pay zero zip nada of Easy Equities’ brokerage fees on both days!

The above deals apply between 9am and 5pm on Friday 25 November and Monday 28 November. If you earn the R100 bucks, that’ll be in your account on Tuesday.

Easy peasy!

Find out all you need to know about FICA or contact Team Easy for assistance.

Not sure how to spend that 100 smackeroos? Here’s some shares that the Easy community is crazy about at the moment, maybe you’ll like them too:









What the actual…

Never heard of Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Don’t worry, a lot of South African’s might not be too familiar as it actually originated in the States. These are the major sales days after Thanksgiving Day, which mark the start of the festive season.