It is not uncommon for businesses, SMEs or large corporates, to take out levels of insurance cover that are woefully inadequate and ultimately result in them having to close their doors should a serious loss-event occur.

In a featured podcast with Cover Publications, Matthew Van de Heuvel the joint group CEO at our partner Econorisk shares insights into the role of a broker and discusses how businesses can benefit from consulting with a broker.

A brokerage that knows what it is doing and has the inherent skills to provide the adequate risk management advice is essential for any business. Even with the developments in AI and insurtech, brokerages still play a valuable role in the insurance world through representing the needs of their clients.

Cover’s Tony van Niekerk recently chatted to van den Heuvel about the value of advice and the role Econorisk plays as a risk advisor. In this time of Economic uncertainty, with more pressure and higher risks, good advice is highly valued, to say the least.

Listen to the full podcast here.