A bearing’s purpose is to reduce friction between moving parts and constrain forces to create desired momentum.

It’s with this philosophy and constant application that our partners Bearings 2000 are celebrating milestones this month.

Our purpose at CN&CO is to work with like-minded companies in different industries that place a key focus on their people and doing what they do best by learning, working hard and with passion.

The Bearings 2000 team is no different.

Skills development is key

Bearings 2000’s work in constantly improving the skills of their team and diversifying their business has led them to being awarded a B-BBEE Level 1 status.

Linked to this has been their focus on education and the journey they instilled via their internship program and the introduction of their state-of-the-art training centre (for clients and their team).

“Enabling growth and transformation in our company culture and local community is important to us. For example, through our internship programme and with the help of our team, we have created opportunities to benefit the youth in less advantaged communities to ensure we can all grow together. Our interns have shown positive growth through their participation in the programme and have each found their own unique role within Bearings 2000.” says Bearings 2000 sales director, Michael Stamatiadis.

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Looking back and pushing forward

Much of the businesses foundation and road to where they have arrived until now has been due to the people behind their business.

In the video below, founder of Bearing’s 2000, Nick Stamatiadis shares his insights into starting the company, talks about the people (including his sons who have succeeded him) and where the business is headed. It has key underlying messages and a testament to pursuing your dreams and vision.