Diary of some MADmen is a weekly entry from three crazy guys who are part of the #TEAM18 for MAD2run. They will be running from Joburg to Cape Town, in relay, to raise funds for the MAD Leadership Foundation. For those of you who know the three guys; Josh, Kurt and Allan, what they say in their weekly diary entry could more often than not, be taken as them fooling around. But, as they are all Elite Athletes, we aren’t entirely sure if they are…

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Dear Diary,

Since we were accepted into #TEAM18 for MAD2run, almost 9 months ago, we have been asked how it all works. To which we have responded, “simplistically, we each cover 20km per day for seven days then on day eight, we do Two Oceans half together”

Well now I can explain, in detail when team “Average Joe’s” aka Josh, Kurt and myself, will be running.

We start with two “suicide sessions”. So called because we will be on the road for 16 hours in a 24 hour period. Not two eight hours sessions in a row but rather one session on, one off, then the next session back on.

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Here’s how it works. We do our first running session for 8 hours, covering 80km. We then jump in the shuttle bus and get driven to camp. This could take an hour. We then shower, eat, prep for the next session (this includes food and drinks for the bus, making sure our correct kit is ready to go, packing our ags so the day crew can easily place in the truck). Try get some sleep. We wake up with sufficient time to pack the shuttle bus, drive to the meeting point, this too could take an hour, and then we start the next 8 hour / 80km session. So, as you can appreciate, we will not get too much sleep in this “off” session. Coupled with the fact we would have been up since 04:00 to finish packing the truck with our gear.

So this is how a “suicide session” works. Below is a detailed listing of team AJ’s on sessions and the sections we will be covering.

Friday 23: 16:10 – 00:50   KMs 81 to 160
Saturday 24: 09:30 – 18:10   KMs 241 to 320

Three sessions off (aka 24hours)

Start of our second suicide session
Sunday 25: 23:20 – 08:00   KMs 561 to 640
Monday 26: 18:40 – 03:20   KMs 721 to 800

Two sessions off

Tuesday 27: 22:40 – 07:20 KMs   961 to 1040

Two sessions off

Thursday 28: 03:00 – 11:40   KMs 1201 to 1280

Three sessions off

Friday 29: 09:20 – 11:30   KMs 1501 to 1510 – the entire team will run this section into Cape Town.

Saturday 30: Run Two Oceans half marathon as a team

Although I say there are “off sessions”, during this time, we will be breaking down camp, packing into trucks, driving +-240km to the next camp, unpacking trucks, pitching tents, setting up camp, cooking food and in between this all, we will try get some rest.

We’ve been told all along that it will not be the physical aspect that will drain us but rather the mental fatigue that will get to us. So I hope I have portrayed what and how we will be doing this epic journey correctly for you to understand what a privilege this will be. Using our feet for a great feat!

Man, I can’t wait!



Can you spare a buffalo?

We are running to Cape Town next week. Yes, I am kakking myself.

It is for a fantastic cause called MAD2Run which is raising funds for MAD Leadership Foundation.

My goal is to personally raise R10 000, which is not difficult, as I know many generous people. 🙂

I know most people are involved in other causes already, but if you can spare R100 (or whatever), it will be greatly appreciated. Your money goes to a great cause.

Donating is very easy and straightforward.

Click here to donate. (Don’t forget to leave a message for us, so we know who to thank)

Thanks so much, have a rocking weekend!




Kunjani and happy Friday!

It’s all starting to feel VERY real now!

This time next week the MAD2Run crew will be on the road somewhere between Jozi and Kroonstad. Running, having a jol and using their “feet for a great feat”.

Kurt, Al and I will be starting our first running leg at 3:30pm. So keep us in your thoughts when you are ending the work week next Friday.

The profile for the run is actually all ‘net downhill’, so this means, that thanks to gravity, we will have an easy run and can essentially roll down to the coast? Not quite, but the positivity of the mind is a very powerful thing!

On the training side, we can’t do much more. Panic training is one of the worst things that you can do! Rather go into the week well rested, healthy and in a good frame of mind.

While we are on the road down to CT, we will be sharing daily updates and keeping you all in the loop as far as possible. Follow us on social media for live and real time happenings.

Thanks for all the support we have received thus far, it’s been epic, and I know it’s going to help us get to Cape Town!

Ciao and keep it tidy!


Ps. If you are in Joburg, I encourage you to come and send us off! Mandela Square, Sandton city 7am on the 23rd of March!

If you are in Cape Town, come and welcome us! Friday 30 March, 11am at the Cullinan Hotel (1 Cullinan St)…a beer will be greatly appreciated!


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