One of the reasons I love the insurance industry and why CN&CO has so many insurance partners, is largely a result of the amazing people I have and continue to meet. One of these is Natasja Blok.

Natasja is the MD of Thatch Risk Acceptances (TRA) and has been doing amazing work with her company. She is known to many in the insurance industry not only via TRA but also because of being a driving force at SAUMA. And of course that laugh of hers! One cannot but help to be inspired by this woman’s laugh – it’s the cherry on top of an awesome package. And Natasja is one of the reasons I love visiting the IISA offices where Natasja is based – across the road from where I spend much of my time. She is often not around (visiting brokers and clients and adding the personal touch being her forte) but when she is around, her laugh and hug always makes my day. 

And so, when Natasja’s husband Gavin contacted me via Facebook, it was an easy yes. We met at Higher Ground and were joined by Natasja and Gavin’s youngest son – at 8 or so years old, and not unexpectedly, one of the most well-behaved and interesting kids around. Gavin shared his story – how he and Natasja met (buy hum a drink – it is a lovely story!) and what he is currently doing. And so, in Gavin’s own words – read below about his fascinating new career – growing diamonds and making memories. I was fascinated. Who would have thunk it?! 🙂 

Life is incredible cnco_01.docx


Thanks for sharing you story Gavin and wishing you the best of luck!