#DeadReck is asking for your help.

The #DeadReckCrew have put together some ideas for their next range but can’t seem to decide which are their favourites!

They have taken a few bets among themselves as to which design they think you will choose… so please help them settle some scores…

If the design you choose is the most popular, you could win a pair of ladies yoga tights with the design you have chosen in this quick survey by clicking on this link 

Once the collection has gone into production of the favourite designs, DeadReck will conduct a lucky draw to select the winner of the very first pair of tights they make! How awesome is that…..an opportunity to get your hands on the VERY FIRST pair!

GOOD LUCK! Roll the bones!

The images in the survey are pretty small so here are the designs, purely for viewing.

*NB these are purely mockup prototypes and do not necessarily represent the final product.