The nature of CN&CO being a lifestyle business means that we have the pleasure and opportunity to engage in a number of events across different industries. The latest, is the arrival of David Whyte in South Africa. Whyte is a renowned poet, philosophical thinker and author whose philosophy is predominantly centered around “the conversational nature of reality.”

What does that mean? You may ask, according to Whyte the theory alludes to fact that “whatever you desire of the world, will not happen exactly as you would like it to happen.” In a world obsessed with planning and perfection, uncertainty can seem quite scary. In his TED talk- “A lyrical bridge between past, present and future” filmed  at the TED2017, David unpacks the convoluted relationship between the past, present and the future. To bring the message to life, David also shares two poems, Finistere and Santiago dedicated to his niece.

And now the brilliance that is David Whyte will be in both Johannesburg and Cape Town sharing his insight through his signature blend of philosophy, poetry and humour. You sure do not want to miss this two day affair.

“By standing in the ground of your life fully, not trying to abstract yourself into a strategic future, that is actually an escape from present heartbreak; and to look into the horizon that is pulling you,in that moment, you are the whole conversation” – David Whyte