Keegan Longueira (pictured above) rode from Cairo to Cape Town – 10 526km in 59 days on a second-hand bicycle – and shared his story at the 2015 Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks. This pic was taken from the presentation he delivered @ FEAT. (Do yourself a favour and click that link. Keegan’s story is inspiring.)


In October we published an article by Feige Lewin of Nutreats entitled “The reason I run”. In the article Feige talks about her love-hate relationship with running, and how love always triumphs.

As a lifestyle business, maintaining a good work-life-health balance is important to everyone at CN&CO. We’re big supporters of Nutreats and share their passion for health and activity.

So we were delighted when we heard about the next Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks (FEAT) taking place at the Linder Auditorium in Johannesburg on 14 September. Each year FEAT brings together a group of adventurers to share their stories of stamina, passion, skill and derring-do – things we are well acquainted with at CN&CO.

We actually have a few adventurers on our team. The next CN&CO adventure is the Mad2Run fundraiser, which kicks off on 18 March. Rob Christian will be part of a relay team running from Joburg to Cape Town, arriving just in time to do the Two Oceans half-marathon.

“We’re excited about FEAT,” says Rob. “As adventurers we love to hear stories of how others’ have set seemingly impossible goals and then triumphed.”

Check out Feige’s feedback on FEAT 2015 and subscribe to the FEAT newsletter to be first to know when tickets go on sale.