Our partners here at CN&CO really are great. They open our eyes to things and experiences we may not have thought about previously.

Although some of us here have worked in the insurance industry for a while where risk mitigation is an ongoing thought, in today’s world where there are threats not only physically but now also through our computers, it is interesting to see just what and how you can be attacked through cyber channels.

In comes Andre Van Rooyen, head of IT at Fulcrum Group. His article in the latest edition of FAnews details why we should have the proper security in place to prevent such an attack. And just like your home, which should also have the proper security in place, it can still get broken into. So, it is vital to have the correct insurance covers in place.

It is also not only up to your IT department to secure this for you. Each employee needs to be vigilant in protecting the company’s and client’s data.

See what else he has to say about cyber security and insurance on page 74 of the FAnews magazine.