Robo-advice continues to play an interesting role in the fintech landscape. It has been on the scene in South Africa since 2016 and continues to challenge regulators to think differently. For consumers, there is still some ambiguity about what makes a good robo-advisor and what you need to look out for when selecting one to manage your investments.

In simple terms—how do you pick a good robo-advisor?

In a recent podcast from Cover Publications, Tony van Niekerk chats to Grant Locke, MD of OUTvest (a CN&CO partner) about all things related to robo-advice. This podcast helps address some of the questions many may have about this emerging industry in South Africa.

Grant describes robo-advice as, “Providing high quality advice for consumers at low cost” and clarifies that it’s not directed at “disrupting existing relationships that clients have with their advisors.” He went on to say that a robo-advisor can provide a client with “a suitable method to gain exposure to online investment products.”

Listen to the full podcast to gain a better understanding about what a robo-advisor does and the role it can play in your investment journey.