By cleaning our city and streets we will create a safer and more accessible city attracting more tourists and visitors. This will support local and small businesses leading to more jobs and less crime.

Studies also show that crime and litter are directly linked. By cleaning our streets we will help reduce crime, creating a culture of pride and ownership.

This is also a great opportunity to market your company, bring your staff and clients, give them caps or shirts and share your experience on social media and in newsletters.

These clean ups do more than clean our streets, they create awareness about the amount of litter and waste, the impact it has. Only once people are aware of the problem can we change behaviour and educate each other about solutions and opportunities to upcycle, recycle and reuse.

We are also excited to be donating desks made out of recycled plastic to a local school.

Join the Joburg City Cleanup.

Date: Sunday 17 September 2017

Time: join any time between 10am and 2pm

Venue: Newtown Park, across the road from Mary Fitzgerard Square.

Bags and gloves will be provided by PETCO.

IMPI-SECURE will be providing security to walk the streets with up.

Waste-Plan will be collecting, sorting and recycling the waste.

Click here to join.