Ever realised just how much investment excellence and summiting one of the world’s highest mountains have in common? Neither did I, until I joined the Emperor Asset Management team at the JSE Auditorium on 27 August for Eye on the Summit – an inspiring talk by Sibusiso Vilane, one of SA’s most acclaimed mountaineers and speakers.

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Sibusiso Vilane shares his story (and adventures)

Sibu has successfully conquered Everest twice, with each summit taking him and his team more than 60 days to reach. If ever you’re presented with an opportunity to watch Sibu speak on his adventure, do yourself a favour and seize it – you will walk away feeling ready to conquer any mountain (literally or figuratively). Sibu has the right amount of humour drizzled inbetween the serious inspiration of his talk, which is great. Fellow CN&CO team mate, Josie Dougall, recently met Sibusiso at the headquarters of Purple Group, Emperor’s holding company.  She put together this post on his journey – which is well worth a read.

Following Sibu’s presentation, Purple Group CEO, Charles Savage, took to the floor to emphasise the importance and value of seeking out investment excellence. With Purple Group and Emperor Asset Management being clients of CN&CO’s, and Carel Nolte being head of communications at Purple Group, we’ve had the opportunity to see Charles present on investment themes many times, and each time is just as motivating as the last.

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Charles Savage (CEO, Purple Group) talks investment

It was incredible to see just how many parallels can be drawn between summiting Everest, and the pursuit of investment excellence. Both take patience, focus, an incredible amount of perseverance, and a clear end-goal of WHY you are working towards what you are. Sibu and Charles are two gentlemen who know what they’re talking about, and have absolute passion for what they do; and it’s contagious.

Sibu and Charles wrap up the Eye on the Summit event at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange auditorium in Sandton on Saturday 29 August. The event kicks off at 10am. Book your spot here. It’s free so be sure to register and join in. You’ll very quickly be made aware of how conquering mountains isn’t all that different from conquering investment.

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