Our partners EasyEquities and Pablo Clark Racing recently ran a competition with some fabulous prizes up for grabs, including a trip to Maranello, the home of Ferrari.

The draw took place earlier this month at Pablo Clark Racing. Owner Paolo Cavalieri (ex works BMW driver in the 80s, multiple race winner in various South African categories, Ferrari collector and enthusiast) drew the lucky winners’ names out of a helmet.

The following entrants won a 2019 Ferrari calendar:

  • Christiaan Harold Smook
  • Thapelo Mabuye
  • Michael Davis

Hotlap winners:

Stephanie Martinis and Bjorn Ruppelt each won a trip around Zwartkops in a Ferrari.

And the main winners, who will be taken on an all-expenses-paid trip to Italy:

  • Patrick Davids
  • Jandre Marais

Here’s a bit more about Patrick:

I’m a 31 years old. I’ve been married for seven years to my awesome wife Gwendolyn and we have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Hayline (11) and Sinailine (6). I was raised by a single mother who taught me the value of working hard for what you want. To a large extent, I practise those values which form part of my core being.

I love watching and playing soccer, both on the pitch and on XBox. I am also a Forza fanatic. I especially like it because my daughters enjoy racing me. Suffice to say they beat me when I’m in a generous mood (which is almost always). I enjoy spending time with my family, but every now and then I enjoy some time with the guys.

In my household there are only two teams we support: Arsenal FC and Ferrari.

I work for Discovery as a service consultant.

In general I am a really fun person who enjoys learning new things and making new acquaintances. I also find it hard to speak about myself because of modesty, but if I were proud (boastful) I would say – I’m Patrick and I’m going to Italy because I’m a wise investor **chuckling**

How did you come across EasyEquities?

In and around January 2018 I decided that I opened a TFSA with a financial institution. I didn’t like that I could not choose where to invest. I contemplated a trading account and a friend recommended EasyEquities. At first I was sceptical, so I read up on the company, and I even went as far as to check the FSP Registration number. But I have loved and engaged with the app since I started in Feb 2018.

What do you like best about EasyEquities?

I love the ease of using the app. The best thing is the low costs and the efficient processing of transactions. I have owned shares in top companies; I even earned a dividend – these were previously far-fetched thoughts that I never thought possible. So EasyEquities has effectively diminished that “never” and made it an “ever” for me. I have even stepped out of South Africa by trading in dollars, and that’s one of the areas of my very young portfolio that I would like to increase.

I now talk to almost everyone who asks me about trading and investments that they should try EasyEquities.

Why did you enter the competition?

I must admit that when I entered the competition, I didn’t expect to win. But because I found out I could own shares in Ferrari it was symbolic of me paying off my very own Ferrari. I intend to increase my investments over the next few years.

What does winning the prize mean to you?

There are very few words that can do justice to how I feel.

I remember, I was six or seven years old, on a Saturday morning at church, we were sitting outside on the grass and we talked about our dream cars. So an argument ensued about which was the fastest car in the world, and Nikita said Ferrari – I had never heard of nor seen a Ferrari, but that name has stuck with me throughout my life. I would ask for old car magazines and look for “Top Marques” just so that I can see my DREAM CAR.

My favourite has to be the F430 range, with the F430 Maranello being my ultimate favourite. On my 21st birthday I bought myself a model F430 Maranello which will turn 10 this year as a constant reminder that I will achieve my DREAM. I also have a soft spot for the F430 Scuderia (I got the model for my 30th birthday) and the 458 Italia. I’ve been to Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi and I cried, because one of my dreams had come true.

Going to Italy, the home of Ferrari, where uncle Enzo spent hours and hours and years upon years perfecting what has become MY DREAM, I get to see why I have this DREAM and I know that this trip will give me the vigour to push harder to achieve the great things I am destined for.


Jandre sent a video on how excited he is about the trip:

Jandre and Patrick will leave for Italy with the Pablo Clark team on 19 March to experience all there is at the home of Ferrari, Maranello.

Too see what Jandre and Patrick will be experiencing click HERE.

This article originally appeared on the EasyEquities blog, and has been edited.