When CN&CO’s Carel Nolte ran his first Comrades in 2012, he said he would only do it once. When he completed his fourth Comrades earlier this year, he was adamant (again) that it would be his last. But now it seems he’s considering giving it another whirl in 2017. Must be like a drug or something.

Carel recently wrote an article for Modern Athlete magazine entitled My Secret Training Weapons in which he shares his now-not-so-secret tips on how and why he does it.

In short …

1. Contribute
2. Have fun
3. Mix up training, and make sure it fits into your lifestyle

“Don’t let a busy lifestyle become an excuse not to prepare for Comrades,” is Carel’s closing statement in the article. “Find clever ways to spice up your training and have Comrades complement, not dominate, your life! Oh, and of course, don’t forget to pick the best running partner and seconding team – the people who want only the very best for you and are prepared to slog out 12 hours in tough conditions with you, for you. See you in 2017, maybe…”

Read the full article here.