Team CN&CO love financial services (among other things) and we enjoy reading about what’s happening in various quarters of the industry. Here are our favourite fin-blog picks of the week:

Colin’s pick:

A simple introduction to block chain
One of the most important technologies in the world at the moment is the distributed ledger system known as the block chain. Graeme Codrington of TomorrowToday Global explains what it is in simple terms. “Block chain will change the way we record transactions, conclude contracts and transfer money – it will affect everything,” he says. “You need to understand it.”

Kurt’s pick:

Uber Loses $1.2 Billion by Q2 2016.
Is this the end of a sharing economy? Or a new era of loss-leading pioneers.

Gabbi’s pick:

The power of technology: Diagnose Diseases with Video Games
MalariaSpot – not just another video game. It detects parasites in a real, digitalised blood sample.

Neo’s pick:

Robot means ‘chore’ – and soon they may be coming for your job
“WHETHER it’s a car that drives itself, a flying saucer-like vacuum that takes care of the dusting, or a kitchen assistant that orders food supplies online, the rise of the robots is upon us.”

Rob’s pick:

People rival inflation targeting
Another informative article from Straight Talk by Mark Barnes, CEO of the Post Office.

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