Team CN&CO is passionate about financial services (among other things) and we love reading about what’s happening in various quarters of the industry. We canvassed our team for their favourite fin-blogs of the past week. Here’s what they shared: 

Gianluca’s pick:
Beware the consequences of underinsurance in the current economic climate, warns Standard Bank
The recent slide in the value of the rand and the resultant volatile economic climate could have serious consequences for South African businesses that are unaware that the insured values of their imported assets may have dropped substantially below the present replacement or repair costs, warns Standard Bank.

Gabbi’s pick:
A shake up to crowdfunding within fintech space

Crowdfunding has been a hot topic for a while now. While generally associated to hipster-y things, there’s a company called Wealth Migrate who is planning to use fintech to tap into the extremely lucrative global property market, which is apparently worth about US$13,6trn. That’s a lot of money. It’ll be interesting to see what they bring to the table and if it’ll disrupt the property market as we know it.

Colin’s pick:

Google invented it. These are their rules. Take it or leave it.
Purple Group chairman, Post Office CEO and Business Day columnist Mark Barnes discusses the recent anti-trust lawsuit filed against Google by the EU.

Carel’s pick:
The deal on dividends. Word.

“I can’t think about the word ‘dividends’ without a P Diddy baseline or a Jay Z beat thumping through my head. If anyone knows how to put their money where their mouths are it’s these lyrical masters and hip hop tycoons. “You can tell I’m the illest cause my dividends is the biggest,” is how rap queen and business mogul Nicki Minaj spins how she sees her worth. In a lot of ways it’s the same in the investing space.”

Rob’s pick:
Learn the passion, learn the dreams
While not directly related to fin-tech, it relates to the “fin” sense of the phrase in your personal life and where you choose to work. One minute and fifty two seconds of your time which will hopefully resonate with some people.

Kurt’s pick:
I love Facebook and use it, ALOT! I use it as my online diary, posting pictures, first experiences, milestones and the like. It reminds me of birthdays (thanks Facebook), i can interact with people all over the world and i get to stay up to date with the happenings around me. What did they do before Facebook? YOH!
I then read this article, about the possibility of making money through Facebook!

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