Team CN&CO is passionate about financial services (among other things) and we love reading about what’s happening in various quarters of the industry. We canvassed our team for their favourite fin-blogs of the past week. Here’s what they shared: 

Rob’s pick:
The car of the future: a challenge for traditional business models
The advent of the autonomous car and related innovations calls for insurance companies to rethink their business models when it comes to car insurance.

Colin’s pick:
EasyEquities investor of the week: Marnus Bezuidenhout (17)
This 17-year-old investor from Hoopstad in the Free State has been trading on the JSE for three years already. His story is truly inspiring.

Carel’s pick
To rent or not to rent
Christelle Colman shares her views on IOL on the insurance implications of hosting Airbnb guests.

Josie’s pick:
Marsh: Top 10 Trends for P&C Marketplace in 2016
Marsh’s view on the challenges the US casualty insurance market is likely to face in 2016.

Gabbi’s pick:
Offshore exposure could ease negative impact on returns
Eric Enslin, CEO of FNB Private Wealth and RMB Private Bank, shares his thoughts on offshore investing in COVER magazine.

Gianluca’s pick:
20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions
Ostrich effect sound familiar? For instance, research revealed that investors check their stocks considerably less during a market downturn. (via RISKAFRICA)

Olive Colin Holley-Dougall’s pick:
Watch 35 Years of the World’s Economy Evolving as a Living Organism
This 20-second video summarises 35 years of the world’s economy.

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Let us know what your favourite fin-blog is and we’ll check it out.