Team CN&CO is passionate about financial services (among other things) and we love reading about what’s happening in various quarters of the industry. We canvassed our team for their favourite fin-blogs of the past week. Here’s what they shared: 

Kurt’s pick:

President Obama Releases Hilarious Spoof Farewell Video

And that’s why “I take what I do seriously, not myself” because if President Barack Obama of the USA can, so can you! It may not be a fin-blog, but then again, he does run the U.S. economy. Life is too short to be serious! “The clip starts with the President saying a big ‘fuck you’ to U.S. news anchor, Chuck Todd, after he claimed Obama was going ‘commander in chief to couch commander’, before trying on a selection of sunglasses with Vice President Joe Biden,” UNILAD notes.

Rob’s pick:

The Death of Bank Products has been greatly under-exaggerated

Traditional bank products are on the decline as technology creates new alternatives to old ways of doing business. Some would argue that the “disruption in banking” has already started – this is why.

Gianluca’s pick:

Tashas breaks the mould

Natasha Sideris, founder and driving force behind up-market café-style destination tashas, has carved a niche in the local food scene since the restaurant first opened in Atholl in Johannesburg in 2005.

Colin’s pick:

The 5 Charts on Insurance Disruption

Disruption is the big word in the insurance industry at the moment. These facts and stats provide some interesting insight into where we are on the disruption front, and how we got here.

Gabbi’s pick:

There’s A Good Reason Why Iced Coffee Costs More Than Hot

Okay, like Kurt’s, this one isn’t really Fin-focused, but heck, if coffee isn’t one key component that keeps the financial sector ticking, then I just don’t know! An interesting read nonetheless.

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