Team CN&CO is passionate about financial services (among other things) and we love reading about what’s happening in various quarters of the industry. Here’s some our favourite fin-blogs of the past week…

Carel’s pick:
Gear up your investment research smarts

In case you have ever wondered about how to choose investments…the good news is that we live in a world where a wealth of information is but a URL away and there are plenty of resources to help you switch to an informed investing mind-set.

Kurt’s pick:
Imagine the day when we can have a power nap in traffic (or check emails) on the way to work, and our car drives itself!
Well, that day is here! Check out South African born founder of Tesla Motors, Elon Musks creation – The Tesla model S, it actually drives itself. Yes, literally! #TakeMyMoneyNow

Gabbi’s pick:
How much money do South Africans make from AirBnB?

Airbnb, the application based hospitality company, says that the typical South African host who shares space in their home boosts their yearly income by more than R28,000.

Gianluca’s pick:
Would Apple really change the design cycle of the iPhone?

The next iPhone (iPhone 7) is almost upon us, but the rumour mill is already talking about the version after, which could only see major design updates in three years …

Colin’s pick:
Ingham’s incisive insights

Mark Ingham is a stock market analyst who focuses on fundamental research. He talks about company performance in terms of its stock price (as opposed to technical analysis, which looks at movements in markets and market sectors as a whole). Mark regularly shares his analysis on the EasyEquities blog. It’s well worth a read.

Rob’s pick:
“Valuation has no effect on your company”

Jason Fried of FreeCodeCamp explains why

“Very few companies actually need to raise venture funding…a valuation has no effect on you or your company.”


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