Team CN&CO is passionate about financial services (among other things) and we love reading about what’s happening in various quarters of the industry. Here’s our teams favourite fin-blogs of the past week…

Rob’s pick:

Two words of advice you rarely hear

“Be useful, share knowledge, solve a small problem” . Not explicitly on the topic of this series of blog posts, these words are all highly applicable in the pursuit of fin-tech.

Gianluca’s pick:

Stranded students use phones as beacons to guide rescuers

We carry them with us all the time, attached to them (at times perhaps too much), but the innovation and evolution of technology certainly continues to play a bigger (and more key role) in our lives and in unexpected circumstances  like this …

Kurt’s pick:

Google’s exec chairman’s top 6 tech trends

No stranger to any of us, Google, a household name, and Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent, Alphabet, has based his life on predicting how tech can change the world! Whether it’s using plants to replace meat, or 3D printing of buildings, check out his other tech trends in this article. Pretty awesome and mind blowing stuff!

Colin’s pick:

Offshoring to South Africa – a beneficial engagement

Entelect CEO Shashi Hansjee discusses the benefits that South Africa offers as an outsourcing destination for offshore companies.

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