Collen MagnerColleen Magner is CN&CO’s chairman. Not chairperson or chairwoman, but chairman.

Before you light a match and start undoing your bra, consider this… an alternative title was carefully considered, for about three seconds, before Colleen gave us such a “WTF” glare that we decided it didn’t really matter.

“Chairman is fine,” she said. “Or whatever. Now, let’s talk about important stuff.”

And that’s one of the reasons we love Colleen: she is completely focused on the important things – people.

As head of the Johannesburg operation of Reos Partners – a global organisation dedicated to facilitating positive systemic change in society – Colleen’s day job is all about making life better for people in Southern Africa.

Colleen recently contributed to an article in the Reos Partners global newsletter. The article concerned the future of food in South Africa, and the work that she and her team are doing here through the South African Food Lab.

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