CN&CO celebrates women and diversity, as we welcome a new female shareholder to our growing business, the same month that we welcome another CN&CO baby to our family!

Lethabo-Thabo Royds expressed an interest in becoming a shareholder post a business strategy session hosted in KZN in January. Ownership was discussed during our company strat, and we had CN&CO valued for the first time, by external auditors, in February.

That same month I discovered I was going to be welcoming my third child into the world. Being a founding partner and the only existing woman shareholder to the business, I was keen to find a way to make space for Thabs to join the fray. I also needed to find a way to free up some capital to allow me to take a little time off from my clients so that I can focus on being a mum to three under three!

The deal was concluded last week and as of this week we are excited to welcome “Thabs” onto our shareholding team.

She is a woman. She is black. She is proudly South African. She is excellent at what she does. She is also quite simply fabulous. Thabs’s smile and personality are infectious. She walks into a room and you notice. You notice her warmth and her generosity of spirit, two qualities that make me incredibly proud to be a woman.

Four years ago I had a big choice to make: how do I show up as a business woman and as a mother? Well, my decision was simple. I wanted to be mother first, whilst making the most impact as I could as a businesswoman and business partner to our new company. Not an easy decision, but one I would make a thousand times over, given I still had the choice.

As I sit slightly removed from the day-to-day running of CN&CO, playing a role where and when I can as I raise my young family, it gives me great peace of mind to know that “the boys” are going to get some renewed and focused influence on decision-making from a strong, kind, clever woman as I turn my focus to my family for a few months.  

I salute Thabs for taking the decision to invest financially in our business. I know I speak on behalf of every member of team CN&CO when I say that we look forward to seeing the impact her shareholding will have on our growing and ever-evolving business.