Team CN&CO love financial services (among other things) and we enjoy reading about what’s happening in various quarters of the industry. Here are our favourite fin-blog picks of the week:

Rob’s pick:

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday?
The name given to the Friday after Thanksgiving and typically associated with shopping, but where did it originate from?

Neo’s pick:

Gladiators of Innovation: Carel Nolte
Chief senior, Carel Nolte gives insight on the disruption of social media. “Disrupting media shouldn’t take away from relationships and talking to people,” says Carel.

Carel’s pick:

The Future Is Bright…The Future Is Digital
EasyEquities is changing the game with its exciting product offering, especially fractional share rights (FSR’s), which are exclusively available on the EasyEquities digital investment platform. The future is becoming more and more digital and alot of companies, especially MTN, are bracing themselves.”

Gianluca’s pick:

Tips to overcome digital banking fraud this holiday season
Interesting piece to make sure you are aware and on alert this festive season. Thanks Candice Sutherland (@Lady_Liabs) from our client ITOO for tweeting it.

Colin’s pick: 

There’s no such thing as Africa
Ok, the heading is a bit misleading because of course there is such a thing as Africa (look around you!). However, the article is interesting because it reiterates the fact that Africa is a diverse continent of 54 sovereign and very diverse countries.

Josie’s pick:

The day I chose me
“Around the world, millions of working mums burn the candle at both ends.  We don’t stop working.  Work… at home.  Work… at work.  Work for our extended families.  Work, work, work, work, work.”

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