Team CN&CO love financial services (among other things) and we enjoy reading about what’s happening in various quarters of the industry. Here are our favourite fin-blog (and others not so much Fintech, but still make interesting reads) picks of the week:

Carel’s pick:

Market Analysis: February 2017

Nice having confirmation of Satrix in the philanthropist, Sir Edmund Hillary strategy.

Colin’s pick:

Cape Town Cycle Tour cancellation – the insurance implications

The minute I heard on Sunday that the Cape Town Cycle Tour had been cancelled I started wondering about the insurance implications.

Gianluca’s pick:

Don’t wait for the POPI act to cyber-insure

“With the stage set for the implementation of the Protection of Private Information Act – although probably not for at least the next two years – questions are doing the rounds about the need for cyber insurance to protect an organisation or a client in the face of a breach of privacy.”

Neo’s pick:

Index review – What’s new in the Top 40?

“At the March 2017 quarterly index review Brait will be excluded from the Top 40 index and will be replaced by Truworths. Let’s have a look at the changes for the indices we track at Satrix.”

Kurt’s pick:

The True Meanings Of ‘Logo’ And ‘Brand’, And The Difference Between Them

“When you think about the word “brand”, it is likely that a famous logo would pop up in your head—however, do you know that “brand” and “logo” have quite different meanings, even if they are often used to talk about the same thing these says. ”

Rob’s Pick:

On a plate, a single banana seems whimsical—yellow and sweet, contained in its own easy-to-open peel. It is a charming breakfast luxury as silly as it is delicious and ever-present. Yet when you eat a banana the flavour on your tongue has complex roots, equal parts sweetness and tragedy.

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