Team CN&CO love financial services (among other things) and we enjoy reading about what’s happening in various quarters of the industry. Here are our favourite fin-blog picks of the week:

Kurt’s pick:

YouTube Video Showing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ‘Flamer’ In Burger King Goes Viral
Samsung is on fire! By now, you should have all heard the hectic and disturbing news of how the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones are catching on fire. Well, Samsung has decided to discontinue the Galaxy Note 7.  This is causing major implications to their share price too. Check out the link to see one fire in a Burger King.

Carel’s Pick

What to do when the rules just don’t apply anymore
Many rules linger in our businesses and in our lives that just should not exist. Every leader needs to embark on a crusade to rid their organisation and talent of the silly rules that hold them back, frustrate and infuriate.

Yusuf’s pick:

A big Dutch bank is replacing 5,800 people with machines, at a cost of $2 billion
The “FUTURE” is here! Soon the colleague sitting next to you will be a Robot.

Colin’s pick:

Lemonade’s first 48 hours
Peer-to-peer insurance startup Lemonade sold 142 policies in its first 48 hours of trade. This form of social insuring sees users forming small groups of policyholders who pay premiums into a pool to pay claims. Members get any leftover funds at the end of the policy period.

Neo’s pick:

Facebook Launches Workplace, a Business Version of Facebook
“You probably already use Facebook at work. Now, Facebook is creating a separate version aimed at helping you do actual work instead of catching up on baby photos and campaign chatter.”

Josie’s pick:

Kidnap and ransom in insurance terms
“Ask any South African to define the term “kidnap and ransom” and you’re likely to hear a Hollywood skop-skiet-and-donner style story, something like…A convoy of black SUVs is accosted by a bunch of whooping rebels dressed in army fatigues and bandanas, brandishing assault rifles and standing up on the backs of open Jeeps.”

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