Colin Ford, the actor

A few years ago I started getting requests on Twitter to take girls to prom. They would tell me how much they loved me and would do anything if I’d go with them. Eventually I figured it out – they thought I was Colin Ford the actor, who starred in We Bought a Zoo (alongside Matt Damon and Scarlett Johannsen) and in the TV series Under the Dome.

I started saying yes to the girls’ requests, just to make their day. I still wonder if anyone actually thought I was being serious.

A similar thing happened when we launched the CN&CO brand on social media. Our Facebook inbox started filling up with messages, in Spanish and English, from young girls in America. And that was how we discovered the Spanglish boy band, CNCO.

The name is a play on the word cinco, which means five in Spanish, and is the number of boys in the band. I must confess to enjoying their Latin beats and catchy melodies (being the pop princess that I am). I know our Thabs Royds enjoys the band, too, and even Carel listened to a CNCO track or two on our way back from the recent AIE Conference in Sun City.

CNCO was “discovered” on a reality TV show called La Banda, which seeks out talent from countries throughout Latin America. The show is produced by Ricky Martin and Simon Cowell.

Our very own CNCO – Allan, Kurt, Rob, Gianluca and Blake

The boys in the band are Christopher Vélez (Ecuador), Richard Camacho (Dominican Republic), Joel Pimentel (Mexico), Erick Brian Colón (Cuba) and Zabdiel de Jesús (Puerto Rico).

Here are a few of our favourite tracks: