After nearly five happy years operating under our current business model, CN&CO will start doing things differently from 1 September 2019. We call it CN&CO 2.0, an associate-based model that will assign more accountability to our team members and lead to even more focused relationships with our partners and clients.

“CN&CO 2.0 will see team members working even more closely with clients than we have when we launched,” says CN&CO’s Carel Nolte. “In starting CN&CO, I have always wanted it to be a platform that enables team members who have very different lifestyles, skills and needs to make the most of what life has to offer. In fact, I think every business should – and can – be like CN&CO. Support and help amplify the talents and lives of your employees. They will thrive and your clients will benefit.”

Having consulted widely with various clients, the CN&CO shareholders debated many options of how the business should look going forward.

Says Carel: “After our recent year-end, when we reflected on our company, we realised yet again how lucky we are. We continue to add value to our clients during tough economic times and because we have run a lean operation, have flexibility on what and how we structure ourselves. As such, each CN&CO team member will be fully responsible for their clients in a more traditional consulting-based associate model.”

(Who would have thought it possible to hear the words “more traditional” from Carel?!)

“Using the strong brand name of CN&CO and their own unique talents, each individual will build a consulting arm within CN&CO to serve their clients and suit their lifestyles.”

The end of August will also see the end of our time at Illovo Junction.

“We have loved our space in Illovo and have made some incredible memories there over the years,” says Carel. “We’ve created magic, entertained our friends and associates – and even had a sleepover one night. (Ask Allan Bader for more details on that one).

“What we have found, though, is that we are using the space less and less. We work a lot from our clients’ offices, coffee shops, home offices – wherever we find ourselves. That’s the beauty of technology in this day and age. And so we’ve decided to go completely nomad. From 1 September, the entire team will work remotely. So – to all our clients… look forward to seeing more of us in the future!