We are delighted to officially welcome Classic1027 to the CN&CO family! Classic1027 is South Africa’s only commercial classical music radio station. Listen to modern classics (yes, that is a thing), much-loved favourites, and everything in between day and night.

We are excited to be assisting the team with the station’s social media and a few other fun activities.

CN&CO’s ties to classical music are many: a few of us are avid listeners of the station, some of us can read music, some of us play classical instruments, our partner RMB has an epic annual event called Starlight Classics, and much more.

Carel met Lyndon Johnstone, the chief executive officer, at a music event at the Four Seasons hotel, The Westcliff. Carel was invited to the event by South African musical legend Richard Cock who used to be board member with him at BASA. Richard also hosts a show on the station. The connections continue as Carolynne Waterhouse, our partner at RMB, is one of founders of Starlight Classics which is all about classical music, and involves Classic1027 and Richard. Few things will make Carel miss Starlight Classics.

Carel, a long-time listener of the station and a devoted Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra supporter, said: “I love listening to Classic1027. I listen in the mornings on my way to gym and whenever I’m in my car. I absolutely love cocktail hour. I like that the station does not only play the “Bach type” of classical music, but classic music as well. I know we will make magic with the team as we work together on their social media.”

Lethabo-Thabo says she “loves and respects classical music”. “Having been trained as a classical singer and cellist from a very young age, I have so much respect for classical music. The discipline it takes to learn to read music, practice, and rehearse taught me so much about life. I do not play as much as I used to but I still love the sound of the music and the cello, especially. In fact, I have been playing Sheku Kanneh-Mason, Kevin Olusola, and Yoyo Ma on repeat for the last few weeks. You know, Sheku Kanneh-Mason is only 19 years old. What talent.”

Lethabo-Thabo has been conducted by Richard on a number of occasions (including performances at the Linder Auditorium), and she used to take singing lessons with Richard’s wife Sue Cock who is, herself, an accomplished musician and conductor.

We love working with the Classic1027 team and many of you will know how important it is to us to work with like-minded people.

The shows on the station are also diverse like the Classic business show on which one of our other partners, the iMadiba Project, was featured. The show line up is impressive and the presenters really know their stuff.

If you recognise names like Bach and Beethoven but don’t recognise names like Tchaikovsky and Dvořák don’t worry, the station’s wide selection of music will help you improve your classical music knowledge. If none of the names above make sense to you, these are the names of some classical composers and listening to the station will help you widen your knowledge. You’d be amazed at how many classical composers you do know based on their compositions, and you may find you actually enjoy the music.

Classical music is said to have a range of benefits including reducing blood pressure, boosting memory, charging your brain power, and sparking creativity…these are all a few, of many, good reasons to listen to the station.

More good reasons to listen to the station: the genre is diverse and still relevant. Young musicians like Sheku Kanneh-Mason are taking the world by storm – he is a gifted young cellist with an impressive resume. Most recently, you may recognise him from the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle earlier this year. Among other things, he won the 2016 BBC Young Musician of the Year award and made history as the first black musician to win the award since it launched (38 years earlier). He and his very musically gifted siblings also competed on Britain’s Got Talent, among other things; they are seven brothers and sisters who ALL play classical instruments brilliantly. Some of them play more than one instrument.

For information like this and much more, listen to the station and follow the station on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClassicFM1027/

Twitter: @Classicfm1027

Instagram: @classicfm1027

We look forward to making magic and helping the Classic1027 promote classical music to a diverse audience.

Listen to Classic1027 on the radio or through live streaming.