This week our partner, CIB, celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Their journey began in 1994 on the 2nd of August when they wrote their first policy. As they build up to their celebrations later in the week, we took a look back at their interviews at #AIE2019.

2019 marks 25 years since CIB opened its doors… “right at the dawn of democracy,” says its CEO, Douglas Donnelly. In this video, filmed at the 2019 African Insurance Exchange, Douglas discusses the secret to staying in business for a quarter of a century.

COVER Magazine’s Tony van Niekerk interviewed Douglas Donnelly & Wilhelm Von La Chevallerie at the African Insurance Exchange 2019 held in Sun City. They spoke about CIB’s journey from a start-up 25 years ago until the present.

Read more about CIB’s 25 year anniversary here.