The Financial intermediaries Association (FIA) of Southern Africa plays an important role in protecting and developing the professional intermediary in South Africa.

Brokers and financial advisors fulfill a key role in the financial services sector as well as the South African economy. The FIA strives to protect and develop the professional service of their members and their employees so consumers can benefit from the value of advice, risk management and product fulfilment in today’s DIY world.

The 31st of May marks the deadline to meet the requirements for continuous professional development (CPD) points. Over the last couple of months the FIA branches throughout the country have been hosting member meetings and providing opportunities for their members to interact with the FIA partners.

It was great to see our partner, CIB, supporting the FIA North Coast Branch at their member meeting yesterday in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).

CIB are celebrating their 25th Birthday this year and we are excited to see that they have partnered with the FIA. We look forward to seeing how these two businesses can work together to further develop the insurance industry and provide opportunities for intermediaries to develop their skills.

CIB offers personalised, bespoke and quality solutions to its valued broker network. Visit the CIB website to learn more about what the company offers or contact us and we will connect the team with you directly.