Our team are often out and about. Last weekend a couple of the team headed to Dullstroom for the annual Christmas in July celebration with our friends Bryan and Stephen, who own Mrs Simpson’s which is a cracking restaurant in the quaint town.

Dullstroom is an awesome town, just a couple of hours from Joburg. If you haven’t been we strongly recommend it. Great food, good people, a range of outdoor activities including fly fishing and a space to clear your head if you feel like you need a break from the city life.

The weekend was full of highlights—clay pigeon shooting, tasting pickled chillis, plenty of laughs and Michelin star quality food.

OUTthere life cover

The trip away provided an opportunity for Rob and Kurt to explore an innovative insurtech offering from the OUTsurance group called OUTthere.  Insurtech is an ever growing space in  South Africa, a number of companies and innovative offerings burst onto the scene during the last year.

We don’t always like to think of the what ifs, but it’s important to know what options you  available to plan for them. There are a growing number of on demand insurance options available and OUTthere is one of those.

A major focus in the insurtech space is giving the customer more control over their insurance and making taking out cover quick and painless—paper work can be a real nightmare.


We asked Rob and Kurt a few questions about OUTthere. Both have existing life insurance policies and were impressed with the speed at which you could get yourself covered. Here are a few of the questions and their answers that stood out.

Kurt shooting clay pigeons

What made you take OUTthere? 

Rob: Everyone loves to throw out the word innovative without really understanding what that word actually means so when I heard of a new product from OUTsurance I wanted to give it a try – my father has always used them for shorter insurance and I recently started using OUTvest which has been easy so figured why not give OUThere a trial.

Kurt: I had heard about this life cover that you could get for 1 to 30 days and that it could be done within 5 minutes. I thought, no ways, so I decided to do it. R1m life cover for my weekend away in Dullstroom (clay pigeon shooting and all), in under 5 minutes for R76. Brilliant!

What was the experience like when you took out the policy?

Rob: Quick, different in that the only real admin was taking a picture of myself to prove I was alive but that was a welcome relief to other types of verification you usually expect with financial services.

Kurt: Bladdy brilliant, I couldn’t believe it could be that quick and easy, with no paper work, the only admin was taking a good ol selfie.

Did you know that OUTthere covers you for Third degree burns? 

Rob: Nope, I didn’t know that – also don’t know what the definition of a 3rd degree burn is other than the worst type of burn, so assuming it has to do with depth of burn.

Kurt: I didn’t! What else? I am now curious?

OUTthere is an easy to use offering, you literally complete everything from the comfort of your cell phone screen. A few details and two selfies… and you are covered. We think that this is going to be a big feature in the millennial generation.

Here’s a quick snap shot of what OUTthere is and what value it can add to you while you are out and about.

OUTthere is an innovative on demand life insurance product that offers you accidental death and injury cover from your cell phone in literally a couple of minutes. You can personalise the length and value of your cover. Take a policy for a period  of 1 to 30 days and the value can be between R100K to R1 million. In short this is an awesome product for traveling and adventure seekers. Great when you are doing something that you wouldn’t normally do. A big differentiator of OUTthere is that it covers you for accidental injury

From Kurt’s photos it looked like a superb weekend away. From laughs and catch-ups with the Mrs Simpson’s team, to learning about innovative insurtech offerings. We continue to be impressed by the growth of on-demand insurance offerings in South Africa. Keep an eye out for OUTthere and remember to drop into Mrs Simpson’s in Dullstroom.