Our chief señor, Carel Nolte, hit the airwaves again today in a fantastic interview with Hlubi Mboya and Gareth Armstrong, who present the Future CEOs slot on CliffCentral internet radio.

This is more of a listening thing than a reading thing, so we’ll hand you over to the internet so you can tune into the interview. But first, here’s a pic of Carel (in the middle) with Gareth and Hlubi:

Carel CliffCentral1

What we don’t see in this pic are the matching colours…. Hlubi’s dress matches Carel’s shoes and underpants. Was it a coincidence? Or by design? You’ll have to listen to the interview to find out. Here’s how:

First choice: stream the podcast from the CiffCentral site

Second choice: download the MP3 (4.5MB) and listen to it on your iPod on your way home from work. Or at gym. Or wherever.

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